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Homeowner's Insurance

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Learn about setting the right deductible and getting coverage should you need to pay for rebuilding your home. The price you paid for your home is probably not the amount you will choose to insure it.

You've made a significant investment in your possessions, and they need to be protected. Read about category limits and per item limits that could affect the amount you generally are paid for covered lost or damaged personal items.

If someone accuses you of causing harm, it helps to have support in defending yourself. Discover how liability insurance can help protect your savings in the event of a lawsuit resulting from a covered loss.

Find out how your insurance can help pay for medical costs (up to policy limits) when someone is injured in a covered loss at your home.

Knowing the difference between protection from flood and a covered water loss is essential. Get the facts about the Federal Government's National Flood Insurance Program and insurance options for other water damage.
4 Simple Steps

To Help You Get Full Value For Your Possessions In The Event Of An Insurance Loss
STEP 1: Evaluate your Possessions

Evaluate all of your regular household possessions and furnishings. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a helpful guide to remind you of some often forgotten items, as well as certain routine belongings. A good idea is to go around each room systematically, making certain to include what's on the floor, on the walls and inside cabinets and drawers. Be sure to include the cabinets themselves. Remember to save all receipts.

STEP 2: Video All Expensive Belongings

Use the soundtrack to appraise value, state approximate purchase date and purchase price - as well as value, if appreciated since purchase. Include all collections and collectibles. If there is a serial number, be sure to record it verbally as the camera is on the item.

A copy of the video - along with a written inventory and serial numbers - should be kept off premises, perhaps in a safe deposit box.

If a particular item is of great value (i.e. an antique or rare artifact, or painting) a written appraisal will facilitate your collecting full value should it be lost in a fire, storm or by theft.

The video does not have to be of 'professional' quality, but it should provide close-ups that clearly identify items of value. Remember, there is the remote possibility that one day you might have to prove value in court. Often, a video of this nature will preclude such a demand, or certainly substantiate your demand.

STEP 3: Schedule all Valuable Property

Simply Stated, if you have valuables that are worth more than face value, for example a coin or stamp collection beyond face value - or furs, jewelry, fine arts, antiques - the only way they can be covered for full value is if you declare that value specifically.

Is that insurance expensive?
Sometimes yes - Mostly NO! Yes, because you will pay an extra premium to get full coverage. No, because if those items are not scheduled, you might collect only face value. For example you might get $2.00 for a $2.00 silver certificate that is worth 100 times that amount. And the cost is not prohibitive!

STEP 4: Call Us Immediately

We provide sound coverage underwritten by excellent insurers that provide fast, fair claims service. We also assist you in every step of the claims process. For the fastest claims service you'll ever know, complete the checklist below, send a copy to us, and should you sustain a loss, tell us what is lost. We take care of the rest.


Carpeting - wall to wall and rugs (throughout the house) $________________

Curtains/Draperies (throughout the house) $________________

All Furniture and Knick-Knacks (approximate value) $________________

Air Conditioners/Fans/Heaters (throughout the house) $________________

Lamps/Lampshades $________________

Miscellaneous furniture etc. $________________

Pictures/Frames etc. $________________



Fine China $_________________

Silverware (flatware) $_________________

Coffee and Tea Service $_________________

All Furniture/Fixtures $_________________

Chandeliers (throughout the house) $_________________

Linens (Tablecloths, Napkins, Etc.) $_________________

Stemware and Other Glassware $_________________

Sconces and Other Wall Items $_________________

APPROXIMATE TOTAL VALUE:$_________________


All Appliances (including exhaust fans) $_________________

Flooring Replacement Cost $_________________

Cabinets/Contents $_________________

Furniture $_________________

Pots/Pans/Other Cooking Vessels $_________________

Everyday Dinnerware $_________________

Everyday Flatware $_________________

Spice Racks/Contents $_________________

Pantry Closet Contents $_________________

APPROXIMATE TOTAL VALUE:$_________________


All Electronics/Stereos/Speakers/Earphones

TV's (throughout the house) $_________________

Telephone/Answering Equipment (throughout the house) $_________________

Toys/Games/CD's, etc. $_________________

Video Games/Systems $_________________

Books/Bookcases (throughout the house) $_________________

Computer/Terminals $_________________

APPROXIMATE TOTAL VALUE:$_________________


Furniture/Fixtures $_________________

Suits/Dresses/Coats $_________________

Shoes/Socks/Stockings $_________________

Sheets/Blankets/Comforters $_________________

Cosmetics $_________________

APPROXIMATE TOTAL VALUE:$_________________


Bath tub/Shower/Toilet $_________________

Fixtures $_________________

Towels/Linens/Bathmats $_________________

Assorted Cosmetics/Perfumes $_________________

Hair Dryers/Curling Irons $_________________

APPROXIMATE TOTAL VALUE:$_________________


Automotive Equipment $_________________

Lawn Mowers $_________________

Snow Blower $_________________

Bikes/Tricycles/Scooters etc. $_________________

Sleds/Skis/Skiing Equipment, etc. $_________________

Garage Door Openers $_________________

Sporting Goods/Golf Clubs/Fishing Gear, etc. $_________________

Boat/Boating Equipment $_________________

APPROXIMATE TOTAL VALUE:$_________________


Vacuum Cleaner/Cleaning Equipment $_________________

Guns/Ammunition $_________________

Storage Items $_________________

Oil/Gas Burners $_________________

Hot Water Heater Tank $_________________

Ping Pong/Pool Tables $_________________

APPROXIMATE TOTAL VALUE:$_________________